My Gencon 2019 Classes!Tenderizer!!Wrath of Kings

My Gencon 2019 Classes!

I'll be at Gencon this year and giving my Lose the Fear of Green stuff!! It'd be great to see you there guys!!

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Tenderizer! Pics are of him on and off his plinth. The idea behind this piece is that a ball landed on his butcher block. Seeing it is making him go berserk, and smash at it. The ball is flying off to the left horn of the mounted steer skull, and wood debris as well as a butcher knife are also mid air. He is displayed on a plinth with his name carved into a side of beef which is bound by chain. Above his name is a set of mounted horns and to either side are the knives which represent the Butcher's guild he belongs to. Bam bam!

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Wrath of Kings

"Wrath of Kings" Cage model. I didn't add greenstuff to the model so I added it to the bases instead. I enjoyed doing the copper areas and liked the effect of the bronze reflecting on the large silver pipes on his back and foot.

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