Malifaux: Hide and Seek, Dreamer Crew

Malifaux Hide and Seek

This unit won first place for the Wyrd Games Manufacturer’s Award, and second place in the Crystal Brush Fantasy Unit Category. For this project I did various degrees of green sculpting for adornment as well as for repositioning. Lord Chompy got the most amount green of the work done to him to not only change his pose but also to turn the new plastic model into the classic nightmare edition Chompy!

These are some detail shots of the Dreamer (cape was added to hide the pin that secures him to the base for fear of his fragile legs) Coppelius ( I wanted to give the illusion of him stepping out of a mirror and into our realm) Chompy (I wanted to make a larger nightmare edition, extending him and enlarging at various points, adding details to his horns, face, stomach mouth and chest. He stands a full inch taller than the plastic original. The Alps and Daydreams all received a green sculpted base as well as minor green details.

Malifaux: Dreamer Crew

The Dreamer

The Dreamer The Dreamer The Dreamer


Alps & Daydreams