Guildball: Brewers Guild completed

Guild Ball, Brewer’s Guild Team. This is the first Season 1 team I’ve completed. I wanted to create a basic display, and have the resin models stock. I sculpted little barrels and two balls for this project.

WIP Butchers Guild Team. For this team I wanted to create more accessories associated with Butchers. Chopping blocks, sharp toothed n jagged edges knives along meats decorate the display. I wanted to create a goal associated w a love for meat and knives. The ball was given a little pig face and a swirly little tail.

Because this game is new to me I didn’t want to convert the models. So I focused on the display and accessories for the Greenstuff.

The Goal (a Butcher’s Shrine), The Captain (a large saw), and the Ball (this little piggy).