Gencon Sculpting Class Set


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Sculpting tool big set! I’ve collected this grouping of tools for teaching Greenstuff over the decade. These are the tools my students use for my “Lose the Fear” and “No Fear of Greenstuff” Classes here in the U.S. This complete set is

  • 3 Tools
  • 1 set of Tweezers
  • 1 Mirror
  • Green Stuff

The tools are good from beginner to advanced, and all will prove useful. You will see this as we progress through some of my tutorials. I will show you which tool is used for each step.

Please note:

  • Some of these tools are sharp, pointed or both, and could prove harmful if used improperly. You are a modeler not a Ninja.
  • No running with scissors.
  • You’ll poke your eye out kid.


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